CDE link for Initial Educational Interpreter Authorization

CDE link for Educational Interpreter Authorization

Anyone renewing should scan all certificates and save to their desktop when ready to start the process. 

It is time consuming, but the re-authorization comes back fast.

CRID Educational Interpreters of the Year Award Recipients

2001-2002 William Douglas Geist from Pueblo District 60
2002-2003 Kathy Randolph from Cherry Creek School District
2003-2004 unknown
2004-2005 unknown
2005-2006 unknown
2006-2007 unknown
2007-2008 unknown
2008-2009 unknown
2009-2010 Robin Stepanek from Mesa County School District 51
2010-2011 Patricia Himes from Cherry Creek School District
2011-2012 Rebecca "Becky" Mares from Colorado Springs District 11
2012-2013 Christal Klinger from Douglas County School District
2013-2014 Mary Jane Tom from Weld County School District 6 ​​​

​2014-2015 Lisa Roche from Dolores School District






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