CDE link for Initial Educational Interpreter Authorization:

CDE link for Educational Interpreter Authorization:

Anyone renewing should scan all certificates and save to their desktop when ready to start the process.  It is time consuming, but the re-authorization comes back fast.

CRID Educational Interpreters of the Year award recipients: 

2001-2002 William Douglas Geist from Pueblo District 60
2002-2003 Kathy Randolph from Cherry Creek School District
2003-2004 unknown
2004-2005 unknown
2005-2006 unknown
2006-2007 unknown
2007-2008 unknown
2008-2009 unknown
2009-2010 Robin Stepanek from Mesa County School District 51
2010-2011 Patricia Himes from Cherry Creek School District
2011-2012 Rebecca "Becky" Mares from Colorado Springs District 11
2012-2013 Christal Klinger from Douglas County School District
2013-2014 Mary Jane Tom from Weld County School District 6 

​2014-2015 Lisa Roche from Dolores School District

Educational Interpreting in Colorado