• Shawn Goodwin Miller

Membership Chair

  • Jennifer Jackson -

Member of the Year Chair

  • Carie Brannam


Educational Interpreter Committee

  • Inactive


  • Inactive


  • Jodi Graham

Legal Interpreting

  • ​Lorrie Kosinski -

  • Carmela Roybal, Rachel Boll, Rachel Naiman, Mindi Hess, Chris Pendley, Lynda Remmel, Lariisa McClung, Jenny Miller, Sandra Rouse, and Liz Keyser.


  • Sophia Stone -


  • Amelia Jackson -​

President -  Libby Reardon,

Vice President - Jenn Sweeney,

Secretary - Kelly Major,

Treasurer - Haley Hegeman,

Deaf Member at Large - Vacant,



  • ​Representative - Vacant,

  • Financial Steward - Vacant,

Western Slope

  • Representative - Carie Brannam,                 

  • Financial Steward - Ginny Hall,

Pikes Peak

  • Co-​Representatives - Debby Martin,

  • Financial Steward - Vacant,

Mile High

  • Representative - Sophia Bohall,

  • Financial Steward - Susan Faltinson,

Mission Statement: 

Colorado Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf will promote excellence in the field of interpretation by:

  • Adhering to the highest level of ethical standards, i.e. RID Code of Ethics

  • Collaborating with Deaf organizations and others as necessary in activities that effect positive change for our profession

  • Modeling professional behavior by respecting and supporting our colleagues

  • Promoting professional development ​

  • ​Taking advantage of emerging technologies

Executive Board 

Philosophy Statement: 
Communication is a vital aspect of everyday human life.

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